miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

Fucking Perfect !

Whether you're a high achieverWhen you undertake, do not be afraid to fail.When you fail, do not be afraid to cry. When you cry, rethink your life, but notretreat. Always give a new chance for himself.
Find an oasis in his desert. Losers see the raysWinners see the rain and the opportunity to growThe losers are paralyzed in the face of losses and failures.The winners will begin all over again.
Know that the greatest executioner of the human being is himself. Do not be a slave to your negative thoughtsGet rid of the worst prison in the world: the prisonof emotionThe destination is rarely inevitable, but a choice. Choose to be aconscious human beingfree and intelligent.
His life is more important than all the gold in the world. More beautiful than the starsmasterpiece of the Author of life. Despite its flaws, you is not number one in the crowd. Nobody is like you on the stage of life. Are you a human beingirreplaceable.
Never give up the people you loveNever give up being happy. Fight for your dreams foreverIs deeply passionate about life. For life is an unforgettable spectacle.
Dear Friend (s)
You are who conducts his storyit's you who makes the best of his days and not so, for good or bad things depend heavily on the way you see them ... All thenegative side is positive if it was wrong to try to learn it, because we are here forthat very reasonYou make your choices the story of his life, so whenever you are in doubt ask yourself what is bestThe answer turns your heartbecause nobodybetter than him to answer you what is best for yourself!